For the next half of the semester, we were told to choose a product and we were going to work every assignment based on that product. Because of this characteristic, the development of the work was simpler than creating 6 different products. We can base every assignment on the aesthetics, ideas and previous work we already had done.

I choose a glass bottle of Coca Cola. So I had to 3D render the product with Rhinoceros 5. But I have to work on the 3D model several times to improve some detail.

Developing the idea = 1h
Creating the design = 4h
Rendering = 4h
Total = 9h

Since I already had the product I only had to render an orbit of the product and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Rendering = 3h
Editing = 0:15h
Total = 3:15h

I used Prezi and because I already have the images and videos I wanted to use, I only had to spend time creating the presentation with software I already knew.

Designing = 2h
Total = 2h

For the website I used an online software that makes the work ten times easier than coding it. I only have to create more images to use on the website.

Creating material = 4h
[Designing products = 1h | Rendering = 3h]
Designing the website = 3h
Total = 7h

Even though I already had the product and some 3D footage, I had to film some footage with my camera and then edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Shooting = 1:30h
Editing = 1h
Rendering = 0:10h
Total = 2:40h

Since I already had the aesthetics and the design of the product I only had to the ad, although I had to revise it a few times until I had the final result.

Designing = 4h
Photoshop = 1h
Printing = 3 days
Total = 5h + printing

I took the footage while I was in New Orleans during break, but the tour took me 2 hours, so that would count as shooting time. Then I just have to edit the footage with Adobe Premiere Pro, and create the sound effects.

Shooting = 2h
Sound effects = 0:30h
Editing = 1h
Rendering = 0:20h
Total = 3:50h



For the second time we had to work with a dome format I decided to based my idea on those attrations that simulate a world through the video. In my case I used footage I took during my trip to New Orleans and the swamp tour I did. I editted the video with Adobe Premiere. I left all the action of the video at the bottom of the circle and I used different sound effect to recreate the scene (motor boat, swamp noises and some old radio music). In order to enrich the video I used a voice over like a tour guide.


Since my 3D object is a glass bottle and I preciously decided to based the concept on the famous brand Coca Cola, I used the Coca Cola advertisment as an inspiration. I rendered the images with Rhinoceros 5 and use Adobe Photoshop to enrich the image. I went through different designs until I finally came up with the following final result.

magazine advertisment

Previous works:


Going on with the semester project, I designed a website with wix. I decided to use wix because it gives you a more professional look for your website without knowing to code. My website is for a company that makes cast glass bottles.


For the 30” spot, I shot some videos and I edited with Adobe Premiere CS6. I used a render video I make with Rhino5 with a green background that I could add to the commercial.

New Semester Project

Coca.Cola Glass Bottle

For the next half of the semester, we have to choose a product and 3D modeling it. Along the semester we will create different assets around the product (website, orbit, commercials, printing ads).

The product that I design is a glass bottle of CocaCola. I used Rhinoceros 5 to make the product. The difficulty was to recreate the glass transparency so it has realistic look.



Old version


The next assignment is a video or animation in a dome display format. In order to get the best image we have to consider the distortion of the image using a fish eye lens or a fish eye distortion effect.

My first try is a video about the quad at Truman. I used a panoramic photo from the quad and I turned it into a fish eye lens perspective.




For this first project, since it was the first time with 3D printing, I need to do some research about 3D printing, how it works, what can be printed, examples of logo on the Internet, example of printed pieces and how they look like. After that, since I have already worked with Rhino, I did not need to work on the software and how it works, so I jump directly to 3D modeling. Last but not least, the most time consuming was the printing process itself.

  • Research -> 2h
  • Sketches -> 30’
  • 3D modeling on Rhino -> 1h
  • Printing -> a few days

TOTAL -> 3h 30′ + Printing time



Since I was going to use the same software to 3D modeling and printing, all the previous research was valuable. So this time I search for different examples of chess pieces. But this time, due to the complexity of the project, I have to redesign the chess piece 4 times until I came up with the ending result, because the printer has its physical limitations. So it took me a few days to create the chess piece. Then again, the printing process took a lot of time. Specially because after waiting for the printed chess piece, I had to redesign it because of the bad results.

  • Sketches -> 1h 15’
  • 3D modeling on Rhino -> 5h
  • Printing -> a few weeks

TOTAL -> 6h 15′ + Printing time



Because the software I used was Rhino again, I did not have to spend too much time researching how the software works in order to make an animation. After I have all the frames I wanted from Rhino, I used Adobe Premiere to create the video and add the titles. And because I have also work with Premiere, I did not have to do any research. However, the process to take the images from Rhino is a little small because it works like in Stop-motion.

  • 3D animation on Rhino -> 3h
  • Editing on Premiere -> 2h 30’

TOTAL -> 5h 30’



The software used for the presentation was Prezi, which is an online presentation software with different effects. I have already used the software, so there was no research about it. I just designed how I wanted the presentation to look like and I created the content need it and used Prezi put it all together. Nevertheless, part of the content was the two 3D animations.

  • Thinking how the Prezi should look -> 30’
  • Creating the content -> 30’
  • Using Prezi -> 45’

TOTAL -> 1h 45’



This was my first time making a website, and since I decided to go through the slowest approach I had to take some time to learn how the process works. It took me a week to learn some basic coding with tutorials, blogs and free courses over the Internet. Then learning process with the software, Adobe Dreamweaver, was really slow at the beginning. The aesthetic design of the website did not take me a lot of time, because we work with website every time in our spare time and I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Uploading the website to a server was really easy too, because there is a lot of information and they have a straight forward method of doing it. But the two most time consuming things were, the creation of content for the website and the many times I tested the website while making it.

To create a mobile version of it, I had to do some research and apparently it is based on some fundamental coding. So it did not take too much time. However, I had to try it in different phones and sizes to check If it worked or not.

  • Learning coding -> 8h
  • Learning software -> 10h (during the making of the website)
  • Sketches -> 1h
  • Designing aesthetics on Photoshop -> 30’
  • Making the website -> 10h
  • Create content -> 4h
  • Uploading to the server -> 45’
  • Update to Mobile Phones ->1h 45’

TOTAL -> 26h


For this assignment we picked our poison to create our own website. I never did coding before and I decided to go gonzo and start with it. I used Adobe Dreamweaver and basically every tutorial I could find on the Internet, from YouTube to coding websites and coding courses. It was a really slow process. And it is really difficult to achieve the level of aesthetics and dynamism other website making service offers. The things you have to have in mind when design a website are not only the structure and design of the website, but also having content to add to the website. Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the different OS and browsers, whether they are mobile version or computer version.

This is the website URL:



These are the aesthetic and designs I wanted to achieve: